Amazon has created the smart bracelet that “knows” your mood

Amazon has entered the market for portable fitness devices. It has launched the Halo smart bracelet, competing with products offered by companies such as Samsung, Apple and Fitbit.

Halo is a bracelet that does not have a display, but has a wide range of sensors that record activity, sleep, body fat percentage, temperature, pulse or even the mood of users. It is water resistant and has a battery life of up to 7 days.

The estimate for the percentage of fat and weight is made using the camera of the smartphone to which the device is connected. Although everything already sounds too invasive in terms of personal data, the company promises that this information remains On the phone and are only uploaded to the cloud for a very short time, encrypted for processing.

To analyze the user's mood, Halo listens to his voice through a microphone to detect changes in tone. Amazon claims that the bracelet does not analyze what the user says, only the tone of voice.

The configuration of this function can be done through the application provided for the use of the bracelet and can also be deactivated also through the application.

Access to the Halo app will be on a subscription basis at a price of $ 4 per month, and the device will be available on the market at a price starting at $ 100, according to Reuters.

The portable device industry is dominated by Apple, which has a market share of 29.3%, but on the market activates all major smartphone manufacturers. Google, owned by Alphabet, does Husbands and husbands in the fitness market. Google bought Fitbit for $ 2.1 billion, a transaction that is currently under regulatory review. The market is also crowded with lower-priced deals from Huawei and Xiaomi in China or Samsung in South Korea.

Currently, the best are: Apple, Google (via Fitbit), Samsung and Huawei. At least in Europe.

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