Facebook's pinnacle has reached its peak in Australia: what's happening with news on the platform

Authorities in several countries are putting pressure on Facebook to pay for news creators whose articles appear on the platform. The news will disappear rather than give Zuckerberg some money to help the industry.

Facebook users in Australia could be left without any news on the world's largest social network, according to a warning posted on the company's official blog. The threat is the result of a law currently in place. in public debate. The latter was proposed by the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission).

The law, which has not yet been passed, will force Facebook and other major tech companies to pay for publications whose news is picked up on their own platforms. On the other side of the barricade, Facebook insists that news is not a significant source of revenue and that this law ignores the financial benefit that the social network brings to publications, through exposure, not actual money.

In the past, there were indications that Facebook would never pay for News, but now things have become much clearer. In the first phase in Australia, if the legislative proposal becomes law, no publication will be able to share its news on the social network and, more than that, no The user of the platform will not be able to post news if he is in Australia. The change will apply to both Facebook and Instagram, and although it will mainly affect Australian media organizations, international publications will have the same And restrictions in the territory.

â & # x20AC; & # x153; Weâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; ve been left with either the ability to completely remove news or accept a system that allows publications to charge us for content at a price that has no clear boundaries. Unfortunately, no business can work like this, â € he said in a Facebook post. Google has a similar attitude and has in the past abandoned news aggregators in countries that have enacted laws to force the financial compensation of publications for editorial content. .

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