Global warming, in Trump's eyes: laugh, if it weren't so sad

Massive fires in California have become a constant in recent years and are the best illustration of the effects of global warming. Only Donald Trump has a different opinion.

Over the past decade, it has become increasingly risky to live in California. The homes of many Hollywood stars have caught fire, and wildfires are spreading more and more every year. Climate change is the second blow to a state severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Being such an expensive phenomenon, Donald Trump gave his opinion on the phenomena in California, and the manifestations of empathy for the people affected by global warming were nowhere to be found. â € œThey will eventually catch a cold, â € the US president summed up the weather in recent years.

“It will finally cool down,” the US president said during an exchange of remarks with Wade Crowfoot, a local California Natural Resources Agency official. The culmination of his simplistic vision was when he stated that â € œI donâ € TMt think science you know, in fact.â € than reality.

Concerning trees that simply catch fire, the White House chief has an explanation that you would forgive a seven-year-old child. soon, 18 months, it dries a lot. They really become like a match. No more water flows and they become very, very exploding. I can explode, “the official said.

â € œYou really donâ € TMt catch a cold, Mr. President

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