How TikTok tries to make peace in the US after refusing Microsoft's offer

The fate of US TikTok operations could be decided these days, and the Chinese giant is looking to fall at peace in one way or another. After rejecting Microsoft's offer, ByteDance is looking for another solution to survive in the market.

The Washington administration has been firm in recent months at TikTok. Either ByteDance – the parent company – accepts the takeover of an American company, or it will be banned on American territory. Microsoft and Oracle immediately lined up in the race, with both companies declaring their determination to close a deal.

Only talks with Microsoft abruptly stopped after the Chinese turned down the offer. Microsoft has come out on top. And now TikTok is looking for another solution, according to sources quoted by Reuters.

ByteDance has refused to sell US operations to Microsoft and appears to be refusing to offer Oracle as well. Only he is looking for a compromise solution. Sources claim that Oracle would like to propose a certain partnership, without providing further details in this regard. The Chinese would come out, in a way, winning: they hope to avoid the ban through this proposed partnership, but they are not selling their operations either.

But it's not clear if the Trump administration will accept that.

Meanwhile, it is becoming increasingly clear that the Beijing government, while denying any influence over the social network, will not let go of TikTok so easily. This is because, with a possible sale of the operations, the users' data would reach the new company. It could be Oracle, for example. Or, these data are important for the company's business based on cloud and advertising.

It would be, if you will, a gold mine.

Microsoft, on the other hand, the company refused by TikTok shows that it has abandoned the fight. He did not detail the terms of the deal, such as the amount he offered-0, but implied that he would not return with another offer.

â € œWe are confident that our proposal would have been good for TikTok users, while defending national security interests. In order to implement it, we would have made important changes to ensure that the service meets the most stringent standards of security, privacy, online security and the fight against misinformation, and we have clearly stated these principles in our press release. August. We look forward to seeing how the service progresses in these important areas, ”Microsoft said in a statement after the talks stopped.

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