Hundreds of thousands of Romanians are given money: it goes directly into the account and the conditions are clear as daylight

The state wants to give 500 euros for a certain category of employees. The Senate has decided to extend the period in which this facility is granted.

The government has promised to make efforts to support the economy severely affected by the health crisis. The executive came up with various facilities and support schemes for businesses that were in danger of closing. One of the benefits relates to those who work from home.

Thus, the Government decided to allocate 500 euros for each Romanian working from home during this period for the purchase of IT equipment and services. Only that the provision was valid only for the period of the state of emergency – that is, exactly one month.

The Parliament came with some changes and extended this period in the months when Romania was on alert. What is happening now.

The senators decided to extend for the state of alert the support of 2,500 lei (equivalent to 500 euros), in order to purchase IT equipment and services, granted to the employees who worked in the regime of telework during the state of emergency. The current state of emergency expires on September 16, but the Government is considering extending it for another month.

The measure was supported by all parties, being adopted in the Senate by unanimous vote.

The Emergency Ordinance was amended in the commissions, and then adopted, on Tuesday, by a vote in the plenary of the Senate, with the application of the provisions regarding the aid of 500 euros and in the case of the state of alert. Thus, the amount of 2,500 lei will be granted both for employees who worked in telework during the state of emergency, as well as for those who worked or are working in this regime in the fin state for at least 15 working days.

It is important to say that the money is granted only at the request of employers, and the total budget is 2.5 billion lei. The money would be estimated, according to estimates, for almost one million employees.

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