“Neglect” in the fight against coronavirus, criticized by the WHO leader: what is the solution in winter

The World Health Organization's Director for Europe is concerned about the feeling of neglect in the market towards the coronavirus. Especially among young people, his opinion is that people have relaxed a bit.

Hans Kluge, director of the World Health Organization's (WHO) regional office for Europe, praised on Tuesday the progress made on the continent in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, but also warned of the danger of neglect. In the fight against the new coronavirus, writes Agerpres quoting the DPA agency.

More than half a year after the outbreak of the pandemic in Europe, in every corner of the globe, the disadvantages of local governments and health systems have come to light. At the same time, however, significant progress has been made during this time, and the experience of the last six months can serve as a lesson for this fall and winter, according to Kluge. .

The official also detected a phenomenon of “Covid fatigue”, especially among young people. The association of words refers to the fact that many have grown tired of worrying about pandemics, preventive measures and contact avoidance. Unfortunately, we need exactly young people in the fight against the new coronavirus, because they are less vulnerable than the old ones. Many young people believe that this pandemic has a low risk, but a low price. “High,” Kluge said.

The big problem with the younger generation is the need for socialization, both among teenagers and students, as well as among adults. of those in the labor market. The European leader of WHO is of the opinion that some solutions dedicated to the young generation must be thought of in order to allow safe socialization.

“Social interaction is so important to avoid loneliness. It is an important concern for young people, â € Kluge said. As for the coming months, Kluge is pretty sure that the pandemic will worsen in most European countries, especially in the winter months. But he also says a new wave of isolation at home is unlikely. Â € œIn February, we targeted society, we targeted schools, now we target the virus. This is good news, â € Kluge said.

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