New forms of greeting in times of pandemic: why not use your elbow, according to WHO

If you are used to greeting friends with your elbow, be aware that it could be a mistake, according to the latest warning from the WHO director.

For about six months, the form of greeting approved and promoted in various parts of the world has been discreetly elbowing another person's elbow, as in the picture above. The solution was adopted by heads of state, showbiz people, civil protection leaders, doctors and ordinary people.

Now, it seems that this is no longer a solution, but a mistake, according to the director of the World Health Organization. In a Twitter post by Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the official insisted that he had given up the elbow salute in favor of a symbolic alternative.

When greeting people, it is best to avoid touching your elbows, as this will make you less than a meter away from each other. . “I like to put a hand on my heart to greet people these days,” wrote the WHO director, who, in fact, in March, photographed immortalized with his elbow raised. In the meantime, he probably changed his mind.

This change in attitude on the part of the WHO comes after the organization has long insisted on sneezing and coughing at the elbow. The post made by Tedros comes a few days after the Conservatory of Sassari (Sardinia) issued a decree to explicitly ban the “new negligent habit”. Professor Gaetano Libra, an ENT doctor with a long career behind him at the “Maggiore” Hospital in Bologna, considers it wrong to use the elbow and to cover sneezing and coughing, as We then place it everywhere, contaminating other surfaces.

All in all, changing the form of greeting is unlikely to work wonders in reducing the number of infections, but it will certainly increase people's mental stress, which was not at a very low level anyway. Â € œThe average number of cases in Europe is higher than the first peak in March, and we will have more mortality in October and November. We have not escaped the problems yet, “added the WHO director.

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