Dorothee Clasen, a master's student in design at the International School of Design in Cologne, came up with an unusual way to interact with a computer: a language controller. Basically, the prototype device is a dental fixation device with a ball and a magnet attached to it, which slides alongContinue Reading

Although solar panels can play an important role in the fight against global warming, they can become at the same time large pieces of e-waste when they reach the end of life. > ii. By 2050, 86 million tonnes of solar panels will become waste, and most countries do notContinue Reading

If you were curious how to predict your arrival time when using a traffic application, Google explains how it has improved the functionality of Google Maps with the help of Google Maps. Automatic learning from DeepMind. Google Maps is one of the company's most widely used products, and its abilityContinue Reading