NVIDIA buys ARM: could be the biggest tech acquisition

NVIDIA is the largest player in the graphics chip market, but after the acquisition of ARM, it could make the law on the mobile processors side as well.

NVIDIA could become the largest chip maker on the planet after deciding to invest $ 40 billion in the acquisition of ARM. There have been speculations on this subject for several weeks, but they have just been officially confirmed. The business will position NVIDIA in a privileged position, especially on the mobile side.

As a reference, in recent years, NVIDIA has made large investments in the field of artificial intelligence, and now, it will be able to bring those proprietary technologies to mobile phones, PCs, dar È ™ i autonomous cars. At the same time, ARM will benefit from increased financial strength for research and development. To amplify the commitment to ARM technology, NVIDIA officials have promised to build a supercomputer with ARM processors at the company's headquarters in Cambridge.

â & # x20AC; & # x153; Artificial intelligence is the most powerful technological force of our times and has laid the foundations for a new wave of computing. In the years to come, trillions of computers with artificial intelligence will create a new Internet of Things that is thousands of times larger than today's human Internet. Our combination will create a company is positioned in a fabulous way in the age of AI, â € said Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA.

NVIDIA officials have noted that most of ARM's current business model will remain untouched under the new owner. This means that ARM technology licensing agreements with partners will remain in effect. However, we may see more capable mobile processors in the near future, after they come to include NVIDIA technologies. It remains to be seen how this acquisition will affect competition between AMD and NVIDIA

Although such a large acquisition needs a lot of approvals, it is important that the leaders of the two companies have reached an agreement. But there is still a laborious process that will take place over the next 18 months. Meanwhile, they will try to convince the EU, China, US and UK authorities that they will not be able to create a monopoly in the industry.

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