NASA has opened an offer to pay private companies to exploit the Moon's resources, announcing that it will buy rocks, dust and other lunar materials in an attempt to stimulate extraction. deprives of coveted resources from outside the world. Jim Bridenstine, NASA administrator, wrote the announcement in a blog postContinue Reading

Zoom has revealed two-factor authentication (2FA) for all user accounts to help prevent zombombombing and other security breaches. Once activated, the system will prompt users to enter a unique code from a mobile, SMS or phone call application. In turn, this will prevent potential attackers from taking control of yourContinue Reading

Bose, the manufacturer of audio equipment, has launched three new models for its “Frames” collection of hybrid sunglasses, with headphones, a year after launching the two original variants. Now you can put on your overnight charger and sunglasses. The new models are called Tempo, Tenor and Soprano, and the companyContinue Reading