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It really turns your living room into a cinema: the only HDR10 certified projector

You may not be flirting with Samsung products when it comes to top projectors, but they have just released a few models with premium specifications that deserve all the attention.

In recent years, the idea of cinema in the comfort of the home has become significantly more accessible, thanks to ultra short throw models. These are enough 20-30 centimeters of wall or projection surface to give you an image of 2-3 meters diagonally. If you have a 4K Ultra HD resolution image, so much the better.

Samsung The Premiere is a family of two top projectors from the South Korean manufacturer. It consists of LSP9T and LSP7T. Both are 4K, but one can generate a 130-inch (3.3 meters) image, while the cheaper model boils down to 120 inches (3 meters). It is important to note that these diagonals can be obtained with the projector glued to the wall, as in the image above.

â € œOver the past few months, we have seen consumers spend more and more time at home and their daily activities continue to change. TV has become an entertainment center, a fitness partner, a co-worker and a news source. The Premiere reimagines the home theater experience with a compact, completely new design, 4K image and impressive sound for compact spaces, can be used for any home activity and living room arrangement. explained Jongsuk Chu, EVP for Visual Display at Samsung Electronics.

Both projectors integrate with Samsung's Smart TV platform for quick access to your favorite streaming services. As another difference between the LSP9T and the LSP7T, the more expensive 9T is the world's first HDR10 certified for a great viewing experience. At the moment, they do not have an associate price, but they should arrive in stores in the coming months in the USA, Europe and South Korea.

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Why too much optimism affects us And this was best seen in the pandemic

After the wave of concern brought by the beginning of the pandemic, things started to calm down and you could see encouragement like “Everything will be fine” anywhere. Some of your friends or acquaintances didn't feel the need to tell you, “Let's get over this.” It could have been much worse.

In case you are not in a serious depression, remarks like “everything will be fine” and they did him much more harm, no matter how well-intentioned those would have been. phrases. AÈ ™ a zic experÈ ›ii. That's why we'd better listen to them.

Too much forced positivity is not only useless, they say – it is toxic. The trend of optimism in difficult times is just that, a trend, a trend, because you have seen well if you emanate only “good vibrations”.

While cultivating a positive mindset is a powerful mechanism for coping with difficult times, toxic positivity comes from the idea that the best or only way to deal with a bad situation is to give a positive connotation and ignore the negative, â € said Natalie Dattilo, a clinical health psychologist at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston.

“It results from our tendency to underestimate negative emotional experiences and to overestimate positive experiences.”

With data indicating that anxiety and depression, among other mental health issues, have reached historic levels in recent months, the addition of toxic positivity to the mix may exacerbate the growing wave of negative emotions, reports The Washington Post.

The false positive image can prevent people from going through the problems they are experiencing in a healthy way, experts say.

“By far, the most common phrase is, 'It's okay,' 'It'll be okay,” said Stephanie Preston, a psychology professor at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. â € œYou state that there really is no problem that needs to be solved, period. Somehow, it closes the possibility of further contemplation ”.

“Happiness is an attractive behavior in people that makes them seem more fit and popular with their peers, so there are a lot of reasons why people want to look or be positive.” Preston explained.

Research has shown that accepting negative emotions, rather than avoiding or rejecting them, can be more beneficial in the long run for a person's mental health.

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What rules you have to follow at the cinema when you go again

If you've had enough of Netflix all this time, then you may miss going to the movies again to see a movie. Well, it won't be the same as before, so you have to follow some rules.

The government has decided to reopen cinemas and theaters, but the rules are very strict. Thus, several measures and rules are provided in the Order on measures to prevent contamination with the new coronavirus and to ensure the conduct of activities in safe health in the field of culture.

To be sure that you respect the law, then you must know that the rules include the wearing of protective masks, which must be kept a distance between spectators, regardless of whether they came together. in the film, except for children accompanied by adults and avoiding, as much as possible, the formation of tails.

Several scenarios are presented in the Order published in the Official Gazette.

Scenario 1: The organization and development of cinemas is allowed without exceeding 50% of the maximum capacity of the space and under the conditions of a cumulative incidence rate of less than 1.5 / 1,000 inhabitants, and In the localities where they are located.

Scenario 2: County committees for emergencies in counties where the cumulative incidence of cases in the last 14 days is less than or equal to 1.5 / 1,000 inhabitants may decide to restrict or the closure of the activities of cinemas in a certain locality, in the area of competence, if the cumulative incidence of cases in this locality, in the same period of time, exceeds the threshold of 1.5 / 1,000 inhabitants.

The county committees for emergency situations in the counties where the cumulative incidence of cases in the last 14 days is higher than 1.5 / 1,000 inhabitants may decide to resume the activities of the cinemas in a certain locality, from the area of competence, if the cumulative incidence of cases in this locality, in the same period of time, is less than or equal to 1.5 / 1,000 inhabitants.

Measures regarding access and contact with the public refer, inter alia, to coordination with health and local authorities so as to ensure the health of employees and the public is the priority objective. Written announcements regarding the physical distance and access rules will be placed in a visible place. There will be a correct and effective communication about the health safety measures adopted by the cinema, promoted on the spot, but also on its website and on social networks for increased visibility and a the best possible understanding from the public;

The access is made with the observance by the participant of the distance of at least 1.5 m;

Ticket sales will be made as much as possible online, so that physical contact will be minimized in the locations, and in the case of purchasing tickets at the ticket office will be had Consider the following: encouraging the use of payment with a contactless card or telephone; opening the ticket office well in advance of the screening so as to avoid congestion; If access to the hall is made in the immediate vicinity of the ticket office, it will be closed 15 minutes before the start of the screening;

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The announcement that all Banca Transilvania customers must see

Banca Transilvania has a very good run, despite the difficult year we are in. This can be seen in the last balance sheet.

According to data from the Bucharest Stock Exchange, Banca Transilvania (TLV) appreciated by 14.3% on the Bucharest Stock Exchange during August. We are talking about an increase from 2 lei per share to 2,285 lei per share, the equivalent of an increase of 1.5 billion lei in capitalization to almost 12 billion lei.

It is good to know that Banca Transilvania is the largest credit institution in Romania depending on the value of the assets managed.

TLV shares, the most liquid on the Romanian stock exchange, recorded the best month of 2020 in August. This good evolution was supported by the fact that the bank in Cluj reported profit In the first semester of this year. At the same time, the approach of the registration date for the investors' reward, respectively October, is approaching.

At the same time, it is good to know that the main BET index appreciated by 7.4% in August. Thus, it is the second best month of 2020, after May (9.1%).

Electrica (EL) Securities continued its positive sequence with an appreciation of 0.43%, up to the level of 11.70 lei / share, amid exchanges of 1.28 million lei, notes At the same time, the shares of OMV Petrom (SNP) gained 0.14%, up to the price of 0.3455 lei / share on an activity of 1.12 million lei, and the Transgaz shares ( TGN) decreased by 1.01%, up to the price of 293 lei / share, on volumes equivalent to 1.04 million lei.

Last but not least, the shares of the Austrian banking group Erste (EBS), listed secondarily on BVB, had a jump of 2.32%, on transactions of 1.26 million lei. And the shares of Sphera Franchise Group (SFG) advanced by 0.37%, up to the price of 13.50 lei / share, on transfers of 1.52 million lei. This is the company that owns the Pizza Hut and KFC chains.

In the last week of August, amid the medical crisis, Sphera reported a half-yearly loss of 22.58 million lei.

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Facebook's pinnacle has reached its peak in Australia: what's happening with news on the platform

Authorities in several countries are putting pressure on Facebook to pay for news creators whose articles appear on the platform. The news will disappear rather than give Zuckerberg some money to help the industry.

Facebook users in Australia could be left without any news on the world's largest social network, according to a warning posted on the company's official blog. The threat is the result of a law currently in place. in public debate. The latter was proposed by the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission).

The law, which has not yet been passed, will force Facebook and other major tech companies to pay for publications whose news is picked up on their own platforms. On the other side of the barricade, Facebook insists that news is not a significant source of revenue and that this law ignores the financial benefit that the social network brings to publications, through exposure, not actual money.

In the past, there were indications that Facebook would never pay for News, but now things have become much clearer. In the first phase in Australia, if the legislative proposal becomes law, no publication will be able to share its news on the social network and, more than that, no The user of the platform will not be able to post news if he is in Australia. The change will apply to both Facebook and Instagram, and although it will mainly affect Australian media organizations, international publications will have the same And restrictions in the territory.

â & # x20AC; & # x153; Weâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; ve been left with either the ability to completely remove news or accept a system that allows publications to charge us for content at a price that has no clear boundaries. Unfortunately, no business can work like this, â € he said in a Facebook post. Google has a similar attitude and has in the past abandoned news aggregators in countries that have enacted laws to force the financial compensation of publications for editorial content. .

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Amazon has created the smart bracelet that “knows” your mood

Amazon has entered the market for portable fitness devices. It has launched the Halo smart bracelet, competing with products offered by companies such as Samsung, Apple and Fitbit.

Halo is a bracelet that does not have a display, but has a wide range of sensors that record activity, sleep, body fat percentage, temperature, pulse or even the mood of users. It is water resistant and has a battery life of up to 7 days.

The estimate for the percentage of fat and weight is made using the camera of the smartphone to which the device is connected. Although everything already sounds too invasive in terms of personal data, the company promises that this information remains On the phone and are only uploaded to the cloud for a very short time, encrypted for processing.

To analyze the user's mood, Halo listens to his voice through a microphone to detect changes in tone. Amazon claims that the bracelet does not analyze what the user says, only the tone of voice.

The configuration of this function can be done through the application provided for the use of the bracelet and can also be deactivated also through the application.

Access to the Halo app will be on a subscription basis at a price of $ 4 per month, and the device will be available on the market at a price starting at $ 100, according to Reuters.

The portable device industry is dominated by Apple, which has a market share of 29.3%, but on the market activates all major smartphone manufacturers. Google, owned by Alphabet, does Husbands and husbands in the fitness market. Google bought Fitbit for $ 2.1 billion, a transaction that is currently under regulatory review. The market is also crowded with lower-priced deals from Huawei and Xiaomi in China or Samsung in South Korea.

Currently, the best are: Apple, Google (via Fitbit), Samsung and Huawei. At least in Europe.

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Those who have diesel and petrol cars need to know urgently. It happens at the pump

The year 2020 was a special one when it comes to oil and the price of petrol and diesel at the pump. But now we have bad news.

Drivers who have petrol and diesel cars need to know. The period with low fuel prices is almost over. OPEC estimates that prices will return to normal in 2021 and how the situation looks now is clear.

Currently, oil is trading at a 5-month high, as production in the Gulf of Mexico has been reduced pending Hurricane Laura. At the same time, US stock stocks fell for the fifth week in a row.

The American authorities estimate that over 84% of the oil production in the Gulf of Mexico has been stopped, the equivalent of 1.56 million barrels per day, notes. The reduction in offshore production in the Gulf of Mexico is thus close to the level of 90% reached 15 years ago due to Hurricane Katrina.

Craig Erlam, an analyst at Oanda, said that the level of quotations depends on the damage caused and the time required for refineries to be put back into operation. as we could have seen in other conditions, but the market does not even face a supply deficit “, he added.

According to the latest information, prices are also supported by the fact that the US Energy Intelligence Administration (IEA) reported a weekly decline of 4.7 million on August 26. barrels of US oil stocks, this being the fifth week of declines.

Brent oil is trading at around $ 46.5 a barrel and WTI at about $ 43.5 a barrel.

For the time being, even in Romania, the prices are even lower. As various activities are resumed, they will certainly increase. If you want to see how we stand, you can research this analysis on how much a refill costs in Romania.

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This laser-powered robot is surprisingly small. What can it be used for?

Semiconductors are not the only silicon technologies that compete with Moore's Law. Now we see a new challenge.

Researchers at Cornell University have revealed a mini robot that is clever enough to penetrate almost anywhere in the human body and cheap enough to occur on a large scale.

The project is the creation of Cornell physics professor Itai Cohen, Paul McEuen, professor of physical sciences, and Marc Miskin, assistant professor at the University of Pennsylvania. This is not Cohen's first microscopic robot.

This work builds on his previous efforts on origami-inspired micro-machines and manages to overcome a significant hurdle: the lack of a drive element. at the micro scale that integrates perfectly with semiconductor processing and responds to standard electronic control signals, according to the team's study published in Nature.

The robots are only 5 microns thick (one micron is equal to one thousandth of a millimeter), 40 microns wide and between 40 and 70 microns high, and Depending on the design. The “brain” and the body consist of a silicon photovoltaic circuit, while the legs are made of a quartet of electrochemical actuators.

“In the context of the robot's brains, there is a sense that we are only taking existing semiconductor technology and making it small and downloadable,” McEuen told Cornell News. â € œBut the legs didnâ € TMt exist before. There were no small actuators that could be used electrically. And we had to invent them and then combine them with electronics, 'he explained.

Thus, the legs are layered with thick strips of platinum atom with a titanium “cap” covering one end. When platinum is exposed to an electric charge, negatively charged ions from the surrounding chemical solution are absorbed on the platinum surface to neutralize the charge.

This absorption causes the platinum foot to bend, although it is thin enough not to break under the pressure of repeated bending. To encourage the robot to move effectively, the team harnesses the photovoltaic force in its body with laser pulses. Each set of pulses targets a separate circuit which in turn controls a separate set of legs.