NVIDIA is the largest player in the graphics chip market, but after the acquisition of ARM, it could make the law on the mobile processors side as well. NVIDIA could become the largest chip maker on the planet after deciding to invest $ 40 billion in the acquisition of ARM.Continue Reading

European technology companies such as Rimac, Skeleton Technologies and Einride are competing with Tesla and are close to winning. Europe produces faster cars and better batteries than Tesla. While Europe does not have a single Tesla equivalent, but several companies that are part of what Tesla does, in many casesContinue Reading

Bose, the manufacturer of audio equipment, has launched three new models for its “Frames” collection of hybrid sunglasses, with headphones, a year after launching the two original variants. Now you can put on your overnight charger and sunglasses. The new models are called Tempo, Tenor and Soprano, and the companyContinue Reading