Sonos One SL. The speaker that fills your camera with sound and you control it from your phone

It's almost 11 o'clock at night and I walk around the room with my phone, shake my hand up and down, and hear a weird sound coming out of a Sonos One SL. As bizarre as it may seem, as if you are attending a spiritualism session, it is the process by which you configure the speaker to sound as good as possible in the whole room. And it sounds impeccable to hear.

Does the process I mentioned above work or is it just marketing? I still don't know, but I felt like the people who were discovering, in America in the 50's and 60's, what “canned” cakes mean. We have something and now it's essential that you buy the “disassembled” cake, but you have it all in one box. But people were reluctant to change, they didn't buy much in the first phase.

Someone had the idea but to ask them, on the list of instructions, to add an egg. And from there the market exploded. Cam aÈ ™ a È ™ i cu boxa. The listening experience would certainly be the same. But the process of analyzing the camera with the phone in hand is special. Either it's just a marketing strategy and it still stuck in my mind.

The idea behind this process is for the speaker to transmit a sound, and the phone's microphone, in the dedicated application, to record it and to “know” what the size of the camera is and where they are. more remote areas. Finally, the Sonos One SL is more than that. And the whole Sonos portfolio, but for now I'm interested in this speaker.

What's more interesting about a smart speaker is that you can control it verbally or over the phone. I, for example, have a Google speaker (with Assistant) and an Amazon speaker (with Alexa). But Sonos can only control through Alexa, after I added the speaker in the dedicated application. I still receive the message on the Assistant that it is not supported in Romania yet.

And that stays with the app and Alexa. But I went a little further and added the speaker to the Ikea app (if I still have a few smart light bulbs). Basically, now the whole stream of music goes through my phone.

On the back it has a button, and above it an LED indicator and three capacitive controls: slower, louder, pause and play. This minimalist approach tells me I don't have to bother. And, in essence, it's a box. You should set it up and you're ready to listen.

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