The announcement that all Banca Transilvania customers must see

Banca Transilvania has a very good run, despite the difficult year we are in. This can be seen in the last balance sheet.

According to data from the Bucharest Stock Exchange, Banca Transilvania (TLV) appreciated by 14.3% on the Bucharest Stock Exchange during August. We are talking about an increase from 2 lei per share to 2,285 lei per share, the equivalent of an increase of 1.5 billion lei in capitalization to almost 12 billion lei.

It is good to know that Banca Transilvania is the largest credit institution in Romania depending on the value of the assets managed.

TLV shares, the most liquid on the Romanian stock exchange, recorded the best month of 2020 in August. This good evolution was supported by the fact that the bank in Cluj reported profit In the first semester of this year. At the same time, the approach of the registration date for the investors' reward, respectively October, is approaching.

At the same time, it is good to know that the main BET index appreciated by 7.4% in August. Thus, it is the second best month of 2020, after May (9.1%).

Electrica (EL) Securities continued its positive sequence with an appreciation of 0.43%, up to the level of 11.70 lei / share, amid exchanges of 1.28 million lei, notes At the same time, the shares of OMV Petrom (SNP) gained 0.14%, up to the price of 0.3455 lei / share on an activity of 1.12 million lei, and the Transgaz shares ( TGN) decreased by 1.01%, up to the price of 293 lei / share, on volumes equivalent to 1.04 million lei.

Last but not least, the shares of the Austrian banking group Erste (EBS), listed secondarily on BVB, had a jump of 2.32%, on transactions of 1.26 million lei. And the shares of Sphera Franchise Group (SFG) advanced by 0.37%, up to the price of 13.50 lei / share, on transfers of 1.52 million lei. This is the company that owns the Pizza Hut and KFC chains.

In the last week of August, amid the medical crisis, Sphera reported a half-yearly loss of 22.58 million lei.

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