The creators of No Man's Sky have made a game “to the feeling”: why is The Last Campfire special, available now

Hello Games made waves globally with the release of No Man's Sky a few years ago. Since then, the title has received a string of updates, but its creators have also worked on The Last Campfire.

Hello Games is not a very big development studio. It doesn't even have a long history behind it. Even so, it is made up of a team of passionate people who want to create memorable experiences, and this is where The Last Campfire comes into play.

The developer's new game was released on August 27 for PC, consoles and iOS. But those who want to play it on their iPhone or iPad, must subscribe to Apple Arcade, the service of the Cupertino giant that offers unlimited access to a large collection of games with free updates and without microtransactions. The price in Romania for Apple Arcade is 25 lei per month, after 30 days of free access.

But going back to The Last Campfire, you can only install it on your PC via the Epic Games Store. In its infancy, the game was revealed in 2018. Since then, it has turned into a rather elaborate fantasy universe, narrated by an entity that gives you the feeling that you are playing in a movie.

More details about the fantasy world in The Last Campfire were provided by co-founder Hello Games. â € œItâ € TMs a game about loss, hope and empathy. You play Ember, a lost soul in a charming but dark world. In your journey to find others like you, some have lost their way and become hopeless.â € Sean Murray points out.

In practice, it is a game about exploring and solving puzzles, with the caveat that sometimes it can be annoyingly difficult. However, if you find it tiring, there is also a way to explore, for the moments when you just want to be surprised by the way around, without a specific purpose.

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