The Dacia you really deserve to give your money to is official: what Sandero and Sandero Stepway look like

Dacia came up with the first official images of the new generations of Logan and Sandero. These are three new models, which you will most likely see on the market next year. From afar, however, there is a change in design, and Sandero Stepway is one of the models to follow.

Dacia is amazed at the beginning of autumn and presents the three new models – Logan 3, Sandero 3 and Sandero Stepway 3. These are models that surprise pleasantly, since the local manufacturer shows signs that it wants to leave the area conservative and bolder approach to the design of the models produced.

There is, in fact, a shift to the low-cost version of the CMF-B platform, where the Clio is made and where the new models will be produced.

The manufacturer from Mioveni published the first official images with the new models, and the complete details will be presented on September 29. But it can be clearly seen that the new models are much more modern, and the lines are no longer as conservative as Dacia used to be.

The Mioveni manufacturer's models offer slightly more rounded shapes, and on the front, the manufacturer proposes modified spoilers, restyled air intakes and fog lights with new accessories. And the models look good on the front as well.

You have chrome elements in the front grille and the new LED headlights (the optical blocks come in the shape of the letter Y) complete the look designed by Dacia designers. At the same time, the hood of the Dacia models was also restyled, and in the case of Sandero Stepway it proposes two generous ribs.

In the case of Sandero and Sandero Stepway, for the rear, the designers have prepared new spoilers, but also flared wings whose lines are joined to the taillights and continue on the tailgate.

The new Sandero looks sturdy, you can see that the windshield is more inclined and the flag is slightly tilted backwards. The ground clearance has not changed, but still, the model looks a little better fitted, more settled on the road.

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