The dog that teaches you a lesson in social distancing: why it makes this terrible effort

An adorable dog from London went viral on Instagram after he started teaching people in the park what social distancing actually means through significant effort.

The Instagram profile of the dog in the pictures next to it became very popular after the little one started carrying incredibly generous sized drinks between his teeth. He is very small, as you can see, but he chooses to drink a meter and a half or two meters, as if he wants to show people how far they should be from each other, even if they are outdoors.

His name is Bosco, and on Instagram you can find him behind the Boscoandhisbigstick profile (Bosco is his big boy). At the time of writing, it has garnered over 121,000 followers, although it has only 333 posts.

The people of the city already know him as the king of drinks. Each time his mistress takes him for a walk, the little one chooses the largest branch or wood you can find to carry him between his teeth for a significant distance. . Ana-Luccia Iannucci Rodriguez is 22 years old and has had Bosco since she was only a few months old. She remembers that this obsession of his started at 7 months and that she still doesn't understand what the motivation behind it is.

In her opinion, beyond the analogy with social distance, motivation may maintain the extraordinary confidence she has in her strengths. For him, that bar is not just a toy, but a way to show other dogs how strong it really is. As a reference, the elbow is less than 30 centimeters.

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