The European country that puts cannons on Google: why the American giant is accused

The American technology giants have long been in the spotlight of the European authorities. Now it's Google's turn again.

Google is the subject of an investigation in Denmark, where the authorities are trying to see if the American giant does not have tax debts. The Darnese government has launched an investigation into the matter and has taken the company's technology accounts clean.

The survey focuses on the results for the financial year 2019, and Google's Danish division has confirmed the information. He claims that the tax authorities “have started a verification regarding the fiscal position of the company”.

Denmark has been much stronger in taking a stand against the American tech giants, who make high incomes on the continent but often do not pay the related taxes. Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen believes that the big Technology companies have to pay higher taxes in the countries where they operate.

Google, owned by its parent company Alphabet, has more than 100 employees in Denmark, and last year had revenues of 284 million Danish kroner ($ 45.4 million). This is not the first time that American giants have come to the attention of Europeans.

Recently, Facebook agreed to pay overdue fees of more than 100 million euros because it hid its revenues from the Paris Tax Office. The allegations relate to 2018. The French subsidiary of the American company was accused of not declaring the income received in 2018. So he woke up with a tax and now has to pay 104 million euros, of which 22 million euros are penalties.

“This has caused the French subsidiary of Facebook to record a loss of 88 million euros and negative equity of 70 million euros, according to the balance sheet for 2019,” writes the French magazine Capital.

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