Blood test that can detect psychotic disorders years before they occur

A simple blood test can predict who will suffer from psychotic disorders later in life, according to scientists.

Researchers at the Royal College of Surgeons University in Dublin have taken samples from more than a hundred people considered at high risk of developing these symptoms. Using computerized imaging and machine learning to observe hundreds of proteins in the blood, they were able to correctly say who will suffer from this 93% of the time.

Experts have also been able to identify who would certainly not develop psychosis in 80% of cases.

Many of the disease-related proteins are also involved in inflammation, suggesting that early changes in the immune system cause brain damage over time. The scientists behind the study said the findings were a huge leap in trying to prevent psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia. The researchers looked at 133 people in their teens who were at risk of developing the condition.

People are more likely to develop a psychotic disorder if they have a close family member who suffers from such hereditary diseases. Children born with certain genetic mutations are also at risk.

However, only 20% to 30% of these people will continue to develop a psychotic disorder. Participants provided a blood sample and were followed up several times over five years. A total of 49 participants (37%) continued to develop one of the conditions during the study period.

Scientists have identified ten key proteins – all related to inflammation – that could predict who develops them and who doesn't. This suggests that people who eventually suffer from psychosis experience changes in their immune system fairly early in life.

Professor David Cotter, lead author and professor of molecular psychiatry at RCSI, said: “Ideally, we would like to prevent psychotic disorders, but this requires us to be able to accurately identify who is most at risk. Our research has shown that, with the help of machine learning, the analysis of protein levels in blood samples can predict who is really at risk and could benefit from preventive treatments.

Now they need to study these markers in other people at high risk for psychosis to confirm these findings, according to the teacher. A patent application for the test has been filed, and the research team is working to commercialize this research through licensing and partnership with industry.


China has just launched a mysterious space shuttle into Earth orbit

China has launched a mysterious reusable space shuttle into orbit on top of a massive Long March 2F rocket at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in the country.

China's state news website Xinhua said the launch was a success. “The test spacecraft will return to the established internal landing site after a period in which it will orbit, during which time the technical validation will be performed as planned,” the report said. .

It is not yet clear what the space shuttle is designed to do, probably a project of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp. (CASC) 's main space contractor. Some experts suggest that it could be a space plane, reminiscent of the US secret X-37B project, which recently completed its sixth mission into orbit.

“China has been looking at several different concepts for space planes for years,” Andrew Jones, an independent reporter specializing in space programs in China, told The Verge. China does not provide much details about its launches, so there has been little information leaked leading to this mission. Jones noted that speculation about a particular type of flight has increased after China made changes to its Long March 2F missile launch tower at China's Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. “So the idea was: they change the top of the launch tower to accommodate something with a larger diameter,” says Jones. In addition, a mission rumor appeared on social media earlier this year, he says.

In 2017, China announced plans to test a reusable space plane in 2020, according to SpaceNews. Apparently, modification works have been added to the launch tower, allowing larger payloads to be launched using the Long March 2F missile. Reports in 2017 also claimed that such a reusable spacecraft would be designed to carry both crew and payloads, according to SpaceNews.


The Dacia you really deserve to give your money to is official: what Sandero and Sandero Stepway look like

Dacia came up with the first official images of the new generations of Logan and Sandero. These are three new models, which you will most likely see on the market next year. From afar, however, there is a change in design, and Sandero Stepway is one of the models to follow.

Dacia is amazed at the beginning of autumn and presents the three new models – Logan 3, Sandero 3 and Sandero Stepway 3. These are models that surprise pleasantly, since the local manufacturer shows signs that it wants to leave the area conservative and bolder approach to the design of the models produced.

There is, in fact, a shift to the low-cost version of the CMF-B platform, where the Clio is made and where the new models will be produced.

The manufacturer from Mioveni published the first official images with the new models, and the complete details will be presented on September 29. But it can be clearly seen that the new models are much more modern, and the lines are no longer as conservative as Dacia used to be.

The Mioveni manufacturer's models offer slightly more rounded shapes, and on the front, the manufacturer proposes modified spoilers, restyled air intakes and fog lights with new accessories. And the models look good on the front as well.

You have chrome elements in the front grille and the new LED headlights (the optical blocks come in the shape of the letter Y) complete the look designed by Dacia designers. At the same time, the hood of the Dacia models was also restyled, and in the case of Sandero Stepway it proposes two generous ribs.

In the case of Sandero and Sandero Stepway, for the rear, the designers have prepared new spoilers, but also flared wings whose lines are joined to the taillights and continue on the tailgate.

The new Sandero looks sturdy, you can see that the windshield is more inclined and the flag is slightly tilted backwards. The ground clearance has not changed, but still, the model looks a little better fitted, more settled on the road.


The biggest problem with faulty electrical panels

Although solar panels can play an important role in the fight against global warming, they can become at the same time large pieces of e-waste when they reach the end of life. > ii.

By 2050, 86 million tonnes of solar panels will become waste, and most countries do not have a strategy to manage them.

“If we don't impose recycling, most modules will end up in the landfill,” said Meng Tao, a researcher at Arizona State University.

Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic (PV) cells that convert sunlight into electricity. When these panels reach landfills, not only are valuable resources wasted, but also environmental problems are created, as solar panels contain toxic materials.

If most manufacturers claim that their panels have a lifespan of about 25 years, and the world began to use solar energy on a large scale in the early 2000s, we can estimate quite clearly that waste starts easy, easy to appear.

PV CYCLE, an NGO dedicated to the collection and recycling of solar panels, collects thousands of tonnes of solar panel waste from the European Union every year, according to director Jan Clyncke.

This figure includes solar panels that have reached the end of their life, but also those that have been taken out of service because they have been damaged, had a manufacturing defect or have been damaged. ®replaced with other models.

Across the globe, the regulatory side is not comprehensive at all and does not offer concrete solutions. Under EU law, manufacturers must ensure that solar panels are recycled properly. In Japan, India and Australia, recycling requirements are to be issued.

In the United States, the West is wild, as Grist reporters note: with the exception of a Washington state law, America has not imposed any obligations on recycling solar panels. Voluntary industry-led recycling efforts are limited.

In a recent paper, a team led by scientists from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory calls for the development of new recycling processes in which all metals and minerals are recovered at high purity, in order to make recycling as economically viable as possible and as environmentally beneficial as possible.


How can Google Maps predict arrival time?

If you were curious how to predict your arrival time when using a traffic application, Google explains how it has improved the functionality of Google Maps with the help of Google Maps. Automatic learning from DeepMind.

Google Maps is one of the company's most widely used products, and its ability to predict traffic jams makes it indispensable for many customers.

According to Google, every day, more than 1 billion kilometers of roads are covered by the application. However, as explained in a blog post, its features have become more accurate thanks to the machine learning tools from DeepMind, the London-based AI lab owned by the company. mother of the giant Google, Alphabet Inc.

In the blog post, Google and DeepMind researchers explain how they retrieve data from a variety of sources and introduce it into machine learning models to predict traffic flows.

This data includes live traffic information, collected anonymously from Android devices, historical traffic data, information such as speed limits and antiquities from local authorities, and also factors such as the quality, size and direction of a given road.

All this information is entered into the neural networks designed by DeepMind, which select the patterns in the data and use them to predict future traffic, informs The Verge.

Google says its new models have improved the real-time ETA (estimated time on arrival) real-time accuracy of Google Maps by up to 50% in some cities.

â € œWe saw a drop of up to 50% in global traffic when quarantine measures began in early 2020, â € writes Johann Lau, Google Maps product manager.

Given this sudden change, we've updated our models to become more agile, automatically prioritizing historical traffic patterns from the last two to four weeks and archiving models at any time. anterior.â €

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Pokemon Go still exists, but it sabotages its users: who won't be able to play anymore

Although you might think it was only fashionable a few years ago, Pokemon Go continues to be surprisingly popular in various parts of the world. Unfortunately, its creators came with bad news for gamers.

Although we are talking about an intellectual property of Nintendo, Pokemon Go is a game created by Niantic, and the developer seems to have gotten tired of supporting old devices or operating systems that have not been updated for some time. As a result, starting next month, you may no longer enjoy the joy of pokemon training.

As a reference, the list of devices is quite long and, unlike other applications that no longer work on old gadgets, the ones mentioned by Niantic are not the oldest in the world. Basically, from October 1, you will not be able to play Pokemon Go on iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 or any other iDevice running iOS 10 or iOS 11, regardless of when it was released. On iPhone 5s and iPhone 6, you will not be able to play games even if you have iOS 12 installed. As for Android owners, only those who use gadgets with Android 5.0 or older are affected.

â € ”Pokemon GO (@PokemonGoApp) August 31, 2020

The weird part of the whole equation is that Niantic was not very clear about the exact reasons why the above devices will no longer be able to run the game. It may be related to the fact that, being an augmented reality game, the demands on performance are higher. But that doesn't explain why it has been able to run smoothly on the iPhone 6 so far, and it will stop working from October.

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Hidden screen camera, third generation: when we will have phones without perforations or notches

Front cameras were the main reason why mobile manufacturers could not create phones with a flawless front-to-back screen without perforations, notches or “drops”. However, this important minus will be remedied soon, at least in the case of smartphones.

The next step in the evolution of selfie cameras is to hide the cameras behind the screen. According to market speculation, ZTE should launch such a phone today, September 1st. Not much is known about the device or how effective the technology of hiding the camera under the screen is.

The alternative comes from Xiaomi, and the Chinese have been a little more transparent about progress on this issue. Through the video below, a Xiaomi vice president detailed in a video posted on Weibo how the third generation of the solution they found works to hide the camera under the screen. Although the other two generations have not found a place in commercial terminals, but only in prototypes and concepts, the third should end up in a phone before by the end of the year. You can see the clip in question below.

Xiaomi explained how the technology developed in-house works in a separate post on Weibo. In the hidden camera area, the panel will have twice the number of pixels, so that when you use the camera, the accuracy of the information displayed in that region of the panel will not be affected. It borrows the colors from the pixels around the camera and has the ability to turn them off completely, when needed, when taking a picture.

In the end, the results seem quite impressive, and the mechanism implemented by Xiaomi minimizes the nonsense reflections given by the transition of light through the phone screen to the capture sensor. The colors are correct, the resolution is good and there doesn't seem to be any compromise on the quality side. Most likely, the first phones with this technology will be the Xiaomi Mi 11 series.

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For the first time, Google created a quantum simulation of a chemical reaction

Google researchers first used a quantum computer to simulate a chemical reaction. The reaction is simple, but it marks an important step toward finding practical use for quantum computers, New Scientist reports.

Because atoms and molecules are systems governed by quantum mechanics, quantum computers are expected to be the best way to accurately simulate them. These computers use quantum bits or qubits to store information and perform calculations. However, quantum computers have difficulty achieving the accuracy needed to simulate large atoms or chemical reactions.

Thus, a team from Google used the company's Sycamore device to perform the first accurate quantum simulation of a chemical reaction. Sycamore reached quantum supremacy in 2019, when it performed a calculation that would be impossible for a classic computer to perform in a defined period of time.

For the latest feature of the computer, the researchers simulated a diazen molecule, which consists of two nitrogen atoms and two hydrogen atoms, which undergo a reaction in which hydrogen atoms move in the configuration The different areas around the azo. The quantum simulation was consistent with the simulations that the researchers performed on classical computers to verify their activity.

Although this reaction may be relative and it is not necessary to have a quantum computer to simulate it, this is still a big step forward for quantum computing, says Ryan Babbush of Google.

“We do quantum calculations of chemistry on a fundamentally different scale,” he says. â € œPrevious work has consisted of calculations that you can do practically with pencil and paper, by hand, but for the demonstrations we are analyzing now, you will surely have I need a computer to do this, ”he added.

Increasing this algorithm to simulate more complex reactions should be fairly easy, says Babbush: Simulating reactions in larger molecules will simply require more and smaller putties. changes to the calculation. One day, we might even be able to develop new chemicals using quantum simulations, he says.

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The creators of No Man's Sky have made a game “to the feeling”: why is The Last Campfire special, available now

Hello Games made waves globally with the release of No Man's Sky a few years ago. Since then, the title has received a string of updates, but its creators have also worked on The Last Campfire.

Hello Games is not a very big development studio. It doesn't even have a long history behind it. Even so, it is made up of a team of passionate people who want to create memorable experiences, and this is where The Last Campfire comes into play.

The developer's new game was released on August 27 for PC, consoles and iOS. But those who want to play it on their iPhone or iPad, must subscribe to Apple Arcade, the service of the Cupertino giant that offers unlimited access to a large collection of games with free updates and without microtransactions. The price in Romania for Apple Arcade is 25 lei per month, after 30 days of free access.

But going back to The Last Campfire, you can only install it on your PC via the Epic Games Store. In its infancy, the game was revealed in 2018. Since then, it has turned into a rather elaborate fantasy universe, narrated by an entity that gives you the feeling that you are playing in a movie.

More details about the fantasy world in The Last Campfire were provided by co-founder Hello Games. â € œItâ € TMs a game about loss, hope and empathy. You play Ember, a lost soul in a charming but dark world. In your journey to find others like you, some have lost their way and become hopeless.â € Sean Murray points out.

In practice, it is a game about exploring and solving puzzles, with the caveat that sometimes it can be annoyingly difficult. However, if you find it tiring, there is also a way to explore, for the moments when you just want to be surprised by the way around, without a specific purpose.

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Those who have diesel and petrol cars need to know urgently. It happens at the pump

The year 2020 was a special one when it comes to oil and the price of petrol and diesel at the pump. But now we have bad news.

Drivers who have petrol and diesel cars need to know. The period with low fuel prices is almost over. OPEC estimates that prices will return to normal in 2021 and how the situation looks now is clear.

Currently, oil is trading at a 5-month high, as production in the Gulf of Mexico has been reduced pending Hurricane Laura. At the same time, US stock stocks fell for the fifth week in a row.

The American authorities estimate that over 84% of the oil production in the Gulf of Mexico has been stopped, the equivalent of 1.56 million barrels per day, notes. The reduction in offshore production in the Gulf of Mexico is thus close to the level of 90% reached 15 years ago due to Hurricane Katrina.

Craig Erlam, an analyst at Oanda, said that the level of quotations depends on the damage caused and the time required for refineries to be put back into operation. as we could have seen in other conditions, but the market does not even face a supply deficit “, he added.

According to the latest information, prices are also supported by the fact that the US Energy Intelligence Administration (IEA) reported a weekly decline of 4.7 million on August 26. barrels of US oil stocks, this being the fifth week of declines.

Brent oil is trading at around $ 46.5 a barrel and WTI at about $ 43.5 a barrel.

For the time being, even in Romania, the prices are even lower. As various activities are resumed, they will certainly increase. If you want to see how we stand, you can research this analysis on how much a refill costs in Romania.