VIDEO What Donald Trump thinks about coronavirus, in fact: a new book reveals the truth you shouldn't expect

After several months of hiding behind the pandemic's danger to the American people, new recordings with Donald Trump reveal what he really believes about Covid-19 infections.

Less than two months before the US presidential election, Donald Trump is facing a new medical scandal. However, unlike the moments when he was able to deny certain information that “escaped” from the White House, this time, there are audio recordings with the voice of the American president.

As early as March of this year, Donald Trump acknowledged not only the seriousness of the situation the Americans were going to face, but also the reason why he had threatened the US population. It all had to do with avoiding the creation of panic among people. This is the conclusion you can reach if you listen to new audio recordings of interviews that Trump gave to journalist Bob Woodward.

Those same recordings, along with many other discussions between the two, are the basis of a new book to be published by Bob Woodward. ”I always wanted to diminish. I'm still doing this because I don't want to panic, “Trump said, according to excerpts from the book published by the Washington Post. Audio recordings of the book's interviews are available on CNN's website, but a sample You can listen to the relevant information from those discussions below in the report broadcast on TV by the television station.

As early as February, it seems that Trump knew very well how easily the virus spreads and how dangerous it actually is, even though for several months he rejected it. Strengthen the idea of wearing a protective mask. “It's airborne,” Trump said. “It's stronger than touch. You can avoid touching things. Ok? But the air, just breathe and so on. So it is very difficult. It is very delicate. It is also more dangerous than the flu, “said the White House chief in online audio recordings.

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