Waze's biggest change in 10 years: why it will work on your laptop or desktop

Unlike Google Maps, Waze has only worked on mobile from the beginning, and this situation will change overnight for your own good.

When it comes to navigation applications, Waze is one of the most popular in the world. The application owned by Google makes waves globally due to the particularities of crowdsourcing. Virtually every Waze user can report the presence of the police on a certain street and the entire user base has real-time access to that information.

Given the usefulness of the program, you wouldn't expect to use it anywhere other than on your mobile, but the creators are of a different opinion and may be right. From now on, if you are planning a simpler or more complex route through Waze, you can define it on the web, using your favorite browser on your desktop or laptop. Finally, in the second two, you can send it to your mobile to start the road at the right time.

Start by accessing Live Map. Log in to the top right by scanning a QR code using the camera app on your phone. From that moment, you paired your phone with Waze on your desktop. You do the route in just a few clicks, in a similar way to the mobile interface, but bigger, and when you're done, tap Save to app to send the race to your iPhone or Android app.

Depending on the time you have defined as arrival or departure, you will receive a notification on the phone notifying you that it is time to leave the house. Because he's working in the background, Waze may notify you to leave the house sooner if he has information that traffic will get worse in the near future.

Also opposite the web version, Waze will allow you to see the locations saved in the mobile application on your laptop or desktop, to make them easier to define as a starting point or destination. It is important to note that these details are valid regardless of whether you usually use Waze on your iPhone or Android.

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