Where do you charge your electric car in Romania? Petrom and Enel promise this solution

The infrastructure for electric cars is not as developed in Romania as in other European countries. But, still, steps are being taken, and Petrom and Enel are coming up with a project for the benefit of those with electric cars.

OMV Petrom and Enel X Romania also joined forces to install several electric car charging stations in OMV and Petrom classic petrol stations. The project will be completed in the coming months. It is a first step that shows you what the industry is heading towards.

Efforts are being made to reduce pollution, and electric cars seem to be the alternative at the moment, especially in congested, traffic-stricken cities. Much of the pollution is caused by gasoline and diesel cars. And for that reason, change is needed.

The two companies want to install 10 fast charging stations for electric cars. They will be found in the fuel stations of the OMV and Petrom network, covering a distance of approximately 380 kilometers on the main roads in Romania, following to connect cities in the east, the center And the west of the country.

Thanks to this project, OMV Petrom and Enel X continue their plans for the development of the network of recharging points in Romania, encouraging the road mobility of customers through electric vehicles. Â Â All charging stations for electric cars installed within the partnership will have an available power of at least 50 kW, and a charging cycle for 80% of a vehicle's battery capacity will be able to be performed. in about 25 minutes.

Basically, your car is almost full while you drink coffee.

â & # x20AC; & # x153; We believe that meeting our customers' mobility needs is a mix that includes fuel and alternative solutions. Through this partnership, we contribute to the development of the national charging infrastructure that will support the transit of electric cars in Romania. We estimate that, by the end of 2021, more than 40 charging stations for electric cars will be installed in our regional network, said Radu Caprau, member of the Management Board of OMV Petrom, responsible for the Downstream Oil activity.

In turn, Enel claims that Romania is approaching other European countries, which have taken even greater steps in this direction.

â € œThrough our electric mobility programs, we aim to facilitate electric transport anywhere in the country, in a sustainable way. That is why we are happy to be able to offer electric vehicle users in Romania, through this partnership, more flexibility for their mobility needs, while also contributing to the development of charging infrastructure, at country level. said Marius Chiriac, CEO of Enel X Romania.

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